​I work from my home in Waikanae on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand. Trained at the Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland (MFA Painting 1992), my main interest has always been colour, shape and the communication of a sense of the ineffable.

Over the years this endeavour has taken the form of works in oil on canvas and board from the highly textural to very flat surfaces; gouache on paper works and and at one point what I call "collage drawings."


The subject matter is always the same thing; summed up beautifully by these quotes from Vedanta:


"There is this unchanging, eternal, peaceful, blissful entity called the Self. We ought to get to know more about it. We might learn something."

-H.H. Shantanand Saraswati


"What brings him back to himself is the interior light, and not exterior objects."










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Born in NZ to Luxembourgish/NZ parents, I was always encouraged to be true to myself. I decided to be a painter early on and really went for it, having nine solo shows within six years of leaving art school. At the age of 30 I went through a period of aversion to the art world. Feeling the need to withdraw for a while, I went to Japan for two years. On my return, I felt the need for a quieter, more reflective art practice more in line with the spiritual work I was engaged in (and still am). A wish to be part of something bigger than my own artistic concerns lead to several years lecturing in Fine Arts and Design at Massey University, Wellington. Since 2004 I've been teaching painting at The Learning Connexion.


For me, art needs to be a tool for opening up and is part of the process of clearing unwanted baggage out of one's life so that one can live authentically and ultimately fulfil one's potential. I firmly believe in this possibility. When we apply ourselves to something with honesty and integrity we start to truly be what we already are.


Sophie Saunders
32B Belvedere Avenue
Waikanae 5036
New Zealand


Studio open by appointment only.
Cellphone: 027 185 5878 texts only
Phone: 6442933373



I am always happy to hear from anyone interested in the paintings and their underlying methodology/ philosophy.


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Sthithaprajna I, II & II

Sophie Saunders 2013